4 Great Games and Sports to Play on the Beach

If you want a great activity that the whole family can enjoy then you could think about spending a day on the beach. Indeed, spending the day on the beach can be relaxing while you can also enjoy some great entertainment or play many games with your family members and friends. If you are looking to play a variety of great games on the beach, then keep on reading this article because you will learn everything there is to know about enhancing your day at the beach.

  1. Beach volleyball

One of the most popular types of games that you can play on the beach is volleyball while all you require is a ball and a net. These items can easily be found in many of the shops that are located across the island of Phuket while if you want to stay in a fantastic beach resort during your holiday in Thailand, then you could consider booking accommodation with https://www.arinararesort.com/.

  1. Frisbee

Another classic game that you can enjoy when you spend time on the beach with your friends and family is Frisbee. Frisbee was originally developed in the state of California during the 1930s, while this game can be carried out using a light flying disc anywhere where there is enough space.

  1. Boogie boarding

The sport of boogie boarding emerged as an offshoot from surfing over the last few decades while this particular type of surfing requires a much smaller board and the use of flippers to control the person that will be riding the wave. Boogie boarding can also be carried out, just a short distance from the beach, while it does not require the rider to paddle to the back of the wave.

  1. Bowls or pétanque

Finally, the sport of pétanque or bowls as it is known is another popular sport that you can carry out with your family, and which requires very little equipment except for a set of balls. Furthermore, this sport is known as boule in France and bocce in Italy.

  • Play beach volleyball with your friends and family
  • Throw a Frisbee around on the beach
  • Boogie board in the sea
  • Have a game of bowls on the sand

In conclusion, if you will be spending time on the island of Phuket for your next holiday, you could consider these various games and sports that you can carry out to enhance a day at the beach.



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