5 Tips to Avoid Road Congestion in Mumbai

The TomTom Traffic Index Report analyzed the traffic situation in 403 cities across 53 countries around the world. As of 2019, Mumbai ranked the highest in terms of traffic congestion, with commuters spending 65% extra time stuck in traffic. So, while visiting one of the top 5 congested places in the world, it is important to do take practical steps to combat this dire situation. A temporary solution could be drivers looking for alternate routes. However, this might not be feasible in the long run.

Traffic leads to a spike in air pollution and fuel expenses. And if you are headed towards the airport to catch those Mumbai to Cochin flights and get stuck in a traffic jam, the stress levels could go through the roof. To avoid such complications, here are 5 tips to dodgethe traffic in Mumbai.

1.     Avoid the Rush Hours

On a typical weekday, 7 am to 10 am are the peak traffic hours. So, before booking Mumbai to Delhi flights, consider picking the slots flight timing accordingly. Look for airlines that offer a wide option in flights timings. This will help you book tickets for a flight that doesn’t require you to brave the peak traffic to reach the airport.

2.     Consider Alternate Transportation

To allow proper traffic flow, consider travelling a certain distance via the metro or local trains. This way, you will also not have to get behind the wheel in a stressful situation. You can reach much faster to catch your Mumbai to Cochin flightsthrough the metro or local train. Such public transport is both cheap and safe. Plus, you can comfortably complete your webcheck-in or listen to your favorite music on the way.

3.     Share Your Ride

This is a collective effort to reduce bottlenecks on the roads. Consider being thoughtful of the large-scale impact and book yourself a carpool. This is one of the simplest answers to the heavy traffic experienced by Mumbaikars on a daily basis. If you have a flight booking from Mumbai to Delhi, consider leaving at least 3-4 hours earlier. This will keep you from panicking and help you reach on time. Plus, less pollutant emissions will make the Mumbai air a lot more breathable.

4.     Check the Live Updates

Download apps like Google Maps, which offer real-time traffic information. They will help you map the route accordingly and change directions, if required. You can also look for apps that tell you about any roadblocks due to accidents, construction or rallies,all of which are quite common in Mumbai. In case you see too many red flags before heading out, consider adjusting thedirection to reach your destination quickly.

5.     Leave Earlier Than Usual

If you have a flight to catch, leave home before the rush hour sets in. Having enough time in hand can help you commute stress-free and stay calm before your journey. This is extremely important, especially for business travel. Plus, the driver is less likely to speed, which reduces the chances of road accidents.

Managing the traffic situation is the not responsibility of the government bodies alone. As responsible denizens, we must also come forward to do our bit to prevent traffic congestion.


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