Reasons to enjoy the perfect family day out attraction in Phuket

For those sitting at home around the computer trying to decide on a holiday destination, there has never been more choices. There is somewhere out there to cover all bases, whether it’s for those who revel in vibrant nightlife, right through to those getting on in years wanting somewhere much quieter.

There is somewhere in between too for those seeking a family holiday, somewhere guaranteed to provide stunning weather and a wealth of activities that offer something for everyone on their break. Therefore, visiting the Phuket aquapark offers so much.

Phuket is an amazing destination by the Andaman Sea in the south of Thailand. The country is called The Land of Smiles for very good reason, as the beaming locals add that extra something special to what is already an extraordinary location. There is a wide range of activities to enjoy around the island to suit all tastes.

As well as the natural ocean, and breathtaking scenery, there are many other things to explore, whether the preference is seeking some history in Phuket Town, or the superb air-conditioned shopping malls, the largest of which is conveniently located near to Andamanda, the name of the aquapark, which offers so much more than just water.

Being able to enjoy a range of different water slides and pools will provide each of the family with excitement as the thrills and spills of racing each other can be combined with the sheer drop and return of one of the exhibits.

It is a wonderful place to relax too, with cabanas with stunning views that can hold up to four people available to hire in advance. They come fully furnished and equipped, so relaxation is added to the day, perhaps while the kids burn off their extra energy. That process of hiring one is very simple, as is booking your tickets in advance at the attraction that shouts out value for money.

The theme park allows youngsters to let their imaginations run wild learning about the different mascots of the theme park which educated them all about culture and mythology where there is an embrace of the local Thai culture, meaning that Andamanda is both fun and educational while they explore around well-designed Sino-Portuguese and Thai architecture.

With lots of food and drink options, including a Wave Bar where the adults can refresh with something, Andamanda is the perfect day out for all the family to enjoy.


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