Species Commonly Found Throughout the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a marvel of the natural world. The intricate and delicate ecosystem contains some of the most diverse habitats on earth. Rarely can you find such an abundance of life in such a concentrated area. The GBR is a wonder of the natural world and is rightly protected as a World Heritage site.

For wildlife enthusiasts around Australia, and especially those on the east coast, a trip to the Great Barrier Reef is a must, to marvel in the variety of life on offer. In fact, as well as Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef area, towns all along the eastern coast of Australia offer exciting opportunities to spot ocean wildlife.

For example, whale watching in Eden is a popular pastime and offers excellent opportunities to get up close and personal with some of nature’s largest, strongest and most majestic animals.

Swimming with Nature’s coolest Fish

During trips to the Great Barrier Reef, you are guaranteed to see a variety of fish, whales and ocean-going reptiles. Among the species commonly spotted in the Great Barrier Reef are:

  • Clown Fish – The species made famous by the Disney movie Finding Nemo can often be spotted living in and around the coral reefs throughout Australia

  • Tiger shark – After the Great White, the Tiger is the most dangerous species of shark in the oceans. They can be regularly seen around protected areas throughout the reef and are one of the reef’s most prominent apex predators. Swimming with these wild beasts is an excellent way to get up close and personal with one of nature’s top predators.

  • Crown-of-thorns starfish – This aptly named underwater critter is found throughout the world’s warm oceans. They are covered in venomous thorns, and slide around the ocean floor feeding on coral pollex. They are very colorful, ranging from pink, to blue, to purple. They are the second biggest sea star, after the Giant Sea Star.

  • The Bottlenose Dolphin – This enigmatic and much-loved sea mammal is one of the most commonly observed creatures around the Great Barrier Reef. Bottlenose Dolphins can grow to a length of over 4meters and weigh up to 640kg. Dolphins are usually extremely friendly, and often follow boats, divers and snorkelers, looking to play and interact. There are even stories of dolphins helping people who have been attacked by sharks or who are lost at sea

For wildlife enthusiasts looking to spot large animals such as whales, or smaller critters such as sea stars, the Great Barrier Reef and eastern coast of Australia offer a perfect opportunity


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