Tips for Touring Thailand

Most people who come to Thailand wish to see the whole country and that can take a few months; the minimum period to spend time in the north and south would be 3 weeks, anything less and it becomes stressful trying to meet the schedule.

However much time you have, here are a few tips on travelling around Thailand.

  • Luxury coach travel – While the railroad network in Thailand is extensive; the luxury a/c coaches are inexpensive and safe. There are several bus stations for those wishing to travel out of Bangkok; Ekhamai Station covers Pattaya and the Eastern Seaboard, while those travelling to the northeast (Isaan) depart from Mochit Bus Station, while those travelling south must go to the Southern Bus Terminal in Sai Tai Mai.
  • Recover in a luxury spa – Book a couple of nights at one of the top 5-star resorts in Bangkok where you can pamper yourself after days of trekking. Online booking is very convenient and there’s nothing better than unwinding for a couple of days before heading home.
  • Leave stuff in Bangkok – If you are planning to hit Koh Pang Ngan for the full moon party, you certainly won’t want all your luggage. There are secure baggage storage facilities that are cheap and charge by the day, which saves you a lot of energy!
  • Take the seasons into account – While it is possible to tour Thailand during the monsoon season, it isn’t ideal; The rains end at the end of October (later in the south) and start again the following June; high season is November through to February. Pack a lightweight plastic raincoat if you are travelling in the rainy season.
  • Dengue fever – This is a very unpleasant disease that is passed on by mosquitoes; there are two strains and once you have it once, you have natural immunity. We recommend applying cream to your exposed skin in early mornings and evenings, which keeps these mini-draculas at bay. You won’t need to worry about malaria; anti-malarial medication usually makes you sick, so avoid it.
  • Book accommodation online – Not only are the rates lower, it is convenient to book a few days before arrival. Most hotels and resorts have online booking facilities on their website or through online operators.

The Internet can help you research Thailand, plus you can book resorts in advance and enjoy the four corners of the Land of Smiles.


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